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This site offers examples of early expressions of Russian protest in the face of Vladimir Putin’s decision to invade Ukraine. Its origin was linked to the observation that Americans needed an accurate account of the character and extent of opposition within Russia, and a place to turn to get the big picture. That site is

The website you are now visiting is meant to signal to Russians who have opposed the war that we recognize your protest. If you are one of them, we are listening. Here you will find our letter expressing our recognition and acknowledging your protest. It is addressed specifically to the Russian signatories of the many letters of protest some of which are included here. It is intended, too, for those whose efforts have escaped our attention but whose values and aspirations we share. Аlong with our letter, our signatures are displayed as well. The letter has been circulated to Russians via friends and associates.


We encourage you to bring this site to the attention of your own friends and acquaintances as you see fit.

Our letter has been signed by many friends and acquaintances of those who developed this site. While many are prominent American professional, cultural, and scientific leaders, they most likely won’t be familiar names to most Russians. They include three Nobel laureates, a former member of Congress, many leading social scientists, government officials, academics, and many alumni of the Yale University Russian Chorus who have spent time in the USSR and Russia over many decades.

This site is the work of many hands. John Francis and Elaine Fultz did much of the original research. Julija Kulneva contributed her expertise as webmaster as well as her knowledge of facts on the ground in Russia. Barry Rubin and Harald Hille, old friends from the Yale Russian Chorus, contributed text and guidance in the discovery of material. Henry Aaron and Marvin Kalb, both with Brookings, contributed wisdom and experience, editorial talents, associations, and warmly valued encouragement.

Thank you for visiting,
John Francis


Questions, comments, and suggestions are welcome and can be addressed to John M. Francis, at:

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